Civil Construction – breaking down the legal mumbo jumbo

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Know your legal rights and obligations for Civil Construction.

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Cross the T’s managing director, Tania White, has been providing legal advice to the civil construction and infrastructure projects industries for over 16 years, across a range of project delivery structures, adopting a vast array of differing documentation.

During that time, the key construction risks for contractors is always the same:

Time – when is the contractor entitled to an extension of time? What, if any, provision is made for force majeure? What if the principal/headcontractor delays the contractors works? What is the effect of failing to bring the works to completion by the date for completion?

Cost – the difference between lump sum and schedule of rates contracts, risk allocation for cost overruns.

Variations – what amounts to a variation under the contract? What formalities are there in the contract for addressing variations? What happens if the parties cannot agree upon the existence or pricing of a

Site conditions – who bears responsibility for particular site conditions? Who is best placed to bear the risk of latent conditions? Is the principal/head-contractor liable for any pre-contractual information it provides the contractor?

We at Cross the T can help you review your current practices and recommend improvements.

If you would like to discuss this topic, please click on the link to have a free no obligation meeting with Tania White.

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