Business Support/Services

Every business will need a lawyer and an accountant at some stage. However, working with this type of professional doesn’t have to be overwhelming, stressful or even outrageously expensive.

When you have a great lawyer and accountant, you will feel confident that you are fully informed and heading in the right direction when it comes to creating a stable and profitable future.

At Cross the T, we apply our high-level experience to act as your business’s legal and finance partner. We’re with you for the long term to ensure this important area of business management is covered.

Our business support services include the following:

  • Ongoing contractual review and negotiation
  • Implementing legal and commercial solutions to support new/evolving business ventures or directions
  • Supporting your business to grow, develop or change
  • Business coaching
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Budget and forecasting
  • Virtual CFO

Why choose Cross the T?

As experts when it comes to the legal and commercial requirements of operating a business, we will make sure you are always protected. We apply our experience and take a flexible, supportive approach to act as partners in helping your business to thrive.

Our pricing follows a fixed fee model so you have transparency and clarity with respect to the cost of our services.

Find out how we can help you take care of legal and financial responsibilities and protect your business from all angles by booking a free call today.