Sometimes Being In Business Is Tough

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Sometimes being in business is tough – and when I say “sometimes”, I mean “always”.

Some days it is difficult to drag yourself out of bed and to work.

It’s difficult to find motivation to do what needs to be done rather than procrastinate.

It’s difficult to turn your mind to those things that are in the “too hard basket”.

I get it. I too am a business owner and it is TOUGH. We wear so many different hats all of the time.
We are continually pulled into a million different directions.
We lose sleep night in, night out worrying about what’s around the corner.

It is tough… but we DO IT ANYWAY.

I do it because I have a passion for what I do. I also love being a strong, determined, role model for my kids. I love supporting my clients and I hate feeling like I have ever let anyone down.

What motivates you to get up, get in and get it done?

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