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I have been asked a couple of times recently about my WHY, HOW, WHO and WHAT?

Here is what I said:

I started Cross the T with a view to doing things differently – providing commercial legal advice and business consultancy services to start-ups and SMEs in a responsive, flexible and affordable manner.

Responsive: I get back to clients ASAP and keep them updated on progress.

Flexible – I know that small business owners aren’t working 9-5 days and so neither do I.

Affordable – I operate a lean practice with low overheads and can therefore keep my costs down. I offer fixed-fees so that clients have transparency and clarity at the outset.

I was close to leaving the law a few years ago on the back of extreme burn-out… but after some pretty extreme soul searching, I realised that the law makes me happy. Helping businesses to navigate the minefield which is the law makes me happy. Talking to engaged, enthusiastic and intelligent business people makes me happy. I love applying my analytical mind to complex problems and I love breaking difficult concepts down so that they’re digestible by all.

That’s my why, my how, my when and my who….. what’s yours?

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