Let’s be honest, it is hard to FOCUS 100% of the time.

We all know the sayings: “starve your distractions, feed your focus”, “focus on the outcome, not the obstacle”…. unfortunately, motivational quotes don’t always work in business.

What can work though is clearly articulating what your goals are, detailing a plan of how you will go about achieving those goals and taking a good, hard look at yourself to identify what’s achievable and what you need help with…. that is, you need a BUSINESS PLAN!

If you have a written plan, it is easier to FOCUS on that plan. Distractions will arise, that’s life. Obstacles will present themselves, that too is life. Having a clear plan will help you to focus and overcome those distractions and obstacles.

At the moment, many businesses are:
(a) finding themselves with time on their hands; or
(b) madly scrambling to pivot to new offerings.

In either case, a BUSINESS PLAN will assist. Do you have a plan in place? If not, why not?

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